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CYC is offering scholarship opportunities to CYC participants.

Pigeon Forge Conference will award three scholarships

Dallas Conference will award one scholarship

You must be in attendance  to win.

Winners will be announced on Saturday at the conference. 


  1. Each scholarship will be for $1000. 

  2. Only high school seniors are eligible for the scholarship.

  3. To be eligible for one of the three scholarships, participants must write a 500-word essay.

(See Essay Topic Below.)

  1. The paper will be typed, double spaced, and include a cover sheet.

  2. Include the following information on your cover sheet: Name Address Phone Number High School Year of Graduation, Word Count

  3. Scholarships can be redeemed at any sponsoring university

  4. Mail your completed essay to:

​        CYC Scholarship [indicate which conference you are attending - Pigeon Forge or Dallas]

        126 Highland Place

        Sheffield, AL 35660

Note: Essays postmarked after 12/15 will not be accepted.

Essay Topic: Read 2 Corinthians 10:4-5. Consider the person of Jesus and your 

relationship with Him. Write a personal narrative about how thoughts can be taken captive unto the obedience of Jesus Christ.

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